National Federation of Federal Employees

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Press Release 2/12/08            For Information:          Charles Paidock, Regional VP, Chicago, IL

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At Least 1 to 2 Inches in Each                                              


Federal Union Official Assigned to Refilling Staplers


              A union officer in the federal government was ordered to suspend his duties, and re-assigned to checking and refilling, when found necessary, staplers in the General Services Administration in the Federal Building in downtown Chicago, IL.  On Monday, Charles Paidock, the Great Lakes Regional Vice President for the National Federation of Federal Employees, received a telephone call while in the Union office from his immediate supervisor, ordering him to return to his unit.  He was then given the assignment of going around the federal building to ensure that staplers had at least one to two inches (1 to 2”) of staples in them. 

              Mr. Paidock was given a personal demonstration in order for him to completely understand the task, and shown the difference between standard and heavy duty staplers.  He was informed that an inspection would be conducted every Friday by a supervisor to ensure that he had completed his rounds.

              Mr. Paidock, a Union officer for over 25 years, had been serving as the Chief Negotiator for the Union representing federal employees nationwide of the General Services Administration.  He had filed a number of Unfair Labor Practice Charges against the agency for their failure to bargain in good faith, which are being investigated by the Federal Labor Relations Authority.  He had regularly traveled to Washington, and brought issues and concerns of employees to Member of Congress.  He is bringing this matter to the attention of members of the Illinois delegation, and the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

              Outside of his Union responsibilities, Mr. Paidock served as a Librarian, and Technical Information Specialist for the agency.  He holds a masters degree from Columbia University in New York, along with academic credentials in labor relations from DePaul University and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

              Mr. Paidock stated:  “GSA has a pilot program for the office of the future, called “Workplace 2020,” and I guess this duty is part of their overall design for implementation in federal government offices across the country.”

              Having acknowledged comprehension of the task given him, Mr. Paidock’s duties were expanded to include seeing to it that paper hole punchers (2 and 3 hole) were not clogged with small circular pieces of paper.